Network Alarm

-Three points synchronous alarm that instant connecting to alarm system

-Intelligent network supporting for long-term storage

-Online and offline integrated with firepower support

Alarm Center Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

There are three-point synchronous alarm system: guard points, alarm center and the client. Our security guard standby every time, responding to the alarm quickly and reach the alarm scene at the first moment.

Network Linkage In Command Center

Network alarm command center linkage both online and offline, taking immediate action after confirm the situation, such as for fire support, informing the Royal Gendarmerie,  police and the emergency center, guiding relevant people for evacuation, taking on-site emergency treatment measures for injured persons and protecting the criminal scene such as sudden robbery or terrorist attacks.

Internet + Multi-functional Network Camera

Infrared and microwave coincidence detection technology, image motion detection, two-way voice intercom, high-definition network video input, smart electric control and mobile remote control.  Customers can monitor the guard points everywhere and every time.

You can also have “Clairvoyance”!

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